Velvet Antler

History and Benefits

For 2000 years velvet antler has been used by Asians to prevent and right many ills. Westerners, on the other hand, have only just recently begun to make use of this ancient remedy and tonic.

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According to reports from New Zealand, Russia, and the Orient, velvet antler relieves the inflammation of arthritis, eases the debilities of old age, controls blood pressure, dramatically improves performance of the average, healthy individual, accelerates the body's natural restorative process and promotes the healing of ulcers and wounds. It has also been known to help stress, stimulate growth, and protect the body from liver damage.

Much of the research into the properties of velvet extracts have been carried out by Russian scientists using pantocrin. In 1974 Drs. Yudin and Dobryakov found that pantocrin dramatically improved the performance of average healthy individuals. Another Russian scientist, Dr. Taneyeva, produced research in 1964 claiming that the mental capacity of a group of young men was improved significantly following pantocrin administration prior to a mathematical test. Pantocrin and other naturally occurring substances act by accelerating the body's natural restorative processes and by increasing the body's resistance to unfavorable external influence. Patients treated with velvet extract prior to surgery in Russia for gastrointestinal tumors had significantly lower levels of stress indicators in the blood.

Velvet may also have an anti-aging effect according to studies by Japanese scientist Wang and his associates in 1988.

Other Japanese scientists, Drs. Takikawa and Kajihara discovered in the early 1970's that pantocrin sped up the healing process of damaged neural tissue. In 1972 Ueki and his colleagues carried out a study on patients with cervical injuries using pantocrin and found that the substance helped recovery.


Red Deer Antler contains:

Mucopolysaccharides Glycosamines Osteocytes
Fibroblasts Chondrocytes Trace Minerals*
Erythropoietin Hemotopoietin Chondroblasts
Glycosaminoglycans Chondroitin Sulfate A N-Acetyl-Glycosamine

Anti-inflammatory Prostaglandins

And these amino acids:

Tryptophan Proline Valine
Lysine Hydroxyroline Serine
Threonine Aspartic acid Phenylalanine
Glutamic acid Isoleucine Methionine
Histidine Alanine Arginine
Tyrosine Glycine Leucine


*in usual proportions

Recommended dosage

For best results, we suggest you take velvet antler for at least three months. Begin with one capsule each day in the morning for two weeks. Then, take two capsules per day for the next two weeks. After that, take 1 to 4 capsules per day.

Disclaimer: We are prohibited by U.S. law from making any medicinal claims for our product(s) in the United States of America; accordingly, we make no curative claims or promises.


Velvet Antler: Traditional Medicine Backed By Modern Research
By Frederick Obey

Velvet Usage
By Collier Isaacs

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