Breeding Stock

We are constantly improving our bloodlines. Our stock has Scottish, German, and Yugoslovian genetics. Bonnie Brae Farms is registered NADeFA Red Deer Herd #107. Our future plans include AI.


Please check out our Venison page.

Velvet Antler and Co-Products

Visit our Velvet Antler page for more information.

Consulting: Pre- and Post-sale

Consulting services are available for those interested in exploring deer farming. We can guide you through the process from the business plan stage to working with your state and local requirements, and preparing your property, including pasture, facilities, and fencing issues.

After you have your deer on your farm, we can assist you with your questions regarding vetting, fawning, velveting, feeding, weaning, and other things as they come up.


Our seminars offer an introduction to deer farming as an investment and a farming alternative. Participants will learn how deer farming can produce good income, while at the same time maintaining open space, creating multiple products, working with hardy, friendly animals and having fun.

Call us if you are interested in having your name put on a list for future seminars. Watch this site for seminar schedules.


We can work with you to help you market and sell your breeding stock, velvet antler, and venison.


We offer training in the areas of fencing, handling your animals, and other procedures to make you successful in deer farming.

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